Vaccination drive team reached remote villages in Kamle district

ITANAGAR, JULY 3 : The vaccination team of Kamle district led by Dr.Kapu Sopin DRCHO-cum-DSO and others visited several remote villages in Kamporijo circle on 3rd july covid vaccination drive took place.

The medical team was also accompanied with CO kamporijo  Nani Mamung, MO PHC Boasimla Dr. Rubu Yaming and Dr. Gyati Anku left for covid vaccination drive in the last villages of kamporijo circle. Covid vaccination drive was scheduled to be held at Radum , Luba and Mengi Kabak, but due to the dilapidated road condition of infamous Tamin-Tali Road which becomes worst between Radum and Mengi kabak the vaccination team couldn’t reach the last two villages of kamporijo circle. Dr. Sopin informed over the phone.

 Due to heavy downpour and muddy roads the medical team has to suffer a lot. On the way to mengi Kabak both vehicles couldn’t pass through the muddy slash of road and  got stranded under the mud which forced the circle officer and Doctors along with their team to get into the dirt to pull out the vehicles from the muddy road by themselves .unable to move forward the team was made to retreat from moving further into the last villages. Despite the odds the vaccination programme was conducted successfully in the Radum village. Dr Sopin said.

Vaccination drive team reached remote villages in Kamle district

The team also conducted awareness and encouraged the villagers on covid-19 vaccination and asked them not to be fooled by fake circulated messages on covid vaccination. Dr. Sopin said.

Through the innovative initiative of CO kamporijo Nani Mamung to boost the people of the village to get vaccinated the villagers were issued ST and PRC on the spot in their villages. A total of 17 people benefited from this initiative. Along with the covid vaccination drive outreach session of Routine Immunization for 0-2 years childrens, free medical checkup and free medicine distribution were also done. he said.

The left out villages will be scheduled for covid vaccination when the weather and road is improved and reachable till then the vaccination drive will be carried out according to the strategic action plan made in the district. The team requested the concerned department to look into the matter and clear the road blockade for the smooth implementation of the covid vaccination programme in the district smoothly and successfully. Dr. Sopin added.

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