We will continue to fight for deportation of Chakma and Hajongs immigrant from Arunachal : AAPSU

ITANAGAR, JUL 03: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today said that the deportation of Chakma & Hajong has been the prime demand of the people of Arunachal Pradesh and the union has since its inception been fighting for it and will continue to do so.

Briefing the media, AAPSU General Secretary Tobom Dai said that a high level committee should be constituted to regulate the population of Chakma & Hajong settled in the state from 1962-1964 and till now. The recent improvised incident at Kathan by the Chakma was not the only one, and the people of the state have been facing since many decades. Therefore, a proper step by the state government should be initiated to bring back the Chakma settlers to their respective allotted area of residence. He said.

“The individuals and the human rights organization supporting the Chakma & Hajongs should be aware of problems faced by our people. Sitting in the capital city of the country, and making statements on behalf of them is not appreciated in any way,” he said.

They are immigrants and should be treated accordingly by the state government. He said the state government should also ensure that no single area of the state is encroached by the Chakma & Hajong.

Earlier, on Thursday, a meeting was chaired by Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) Chowna Mein at the civil secretariat conference hall regarding land encroachment by the Chakma immigrants at Kathan under Lohit district.

“We hope, under the Chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, the issue regarding the land encroachment by the Chakma immigrants at Kathan under Lohit district is solved at the earliest,” he added.

Meanwhile, the All Mishmi Students Union (AMSU) , while appreciating the state government for constituting a committee to demarcate the inter district boundary of Changlang and Lohit, has also appealed to check the Chakma settlers in Kathan area of Lohit district.

He said due to no defined demarcation of the inter district boundary, there are problems in executing administrative actions against the Chakma immigrant.

“The Chakmas are taking undue advantage of the poor inter district boundary demarcation. Many times, they come over Lohit district and settle as they wish,” he said, adding that they do this because they claim they are permitted by the Changlang district administration.

However, when asked for the evidence, Chakmas fails to provide.

“Now, that the state government has constituted a committee to look into the matter, we hope the issue is solved and accordingly all the Chakmas are re-settled in their allotted land by the state government,” he said.

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