APAKA executive members attended annual general meeting of KIO

ITANAGAR, Arunachal Pradesh Amateur Karate-do association (APAKA) state executive members led by President Yarda Niki and General Secretary John Bagang has attended the annual general meeting of Karate India organisation (KIO) at New Delhi on December 29. Informed a press release issued by the APAKA.

Various issued were discussed for promotion of karate in state and region. Issues related to state were also highlighted. The recently held state level karate championship and its outcome were also highlighted at the meeting. Said APAKA.

APAKA president Sihan Yarda Niki was given the tile of Renshi while General Secretary Shihan John Bagang and Shihan Rakom Dugi also become the first to get the title of Shihan from Karate India organisation. The press release said.

APAKA further thanks the world karate federation (WKF) technical commission member Hanshi Bharat Sharma, KIO President Renshi Vijay Tiwari and General secretary Renshi Sanjeev Kumar Jangra for awarding the title certificate. The press release added.   

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