Campaign against drug menace, ANSU’s New Year resolution

ITANAGAR, While asking the revellers to avoid traveling and celebrate the last day of the year as well new year with family and relatives, All Nyishi Student Union(ANSU) president urged the young people to avoid drink driving as it put their own and others lives at risk.

Nabam Dodum, president ANSU said this while sharing the resolutions of ANSU for the coming year 2022. He said that besides bringing reformation in the education sector, which he said they are committed to pursue, drug menace, say no to tobacco, no to alcohol etc are on plate for the coming year. We are working on drafting programmes to address these issues.

Emphasising the need for collective effort in eradicating the drug menace from the capital complex, Dodum called upon students’ bodies, youth organizations, CBOs, religious leaders, and district administration to join hands with the ANSU in war against drug menace. As ANSU is based at the capital, we will spearhead this movement, Dodum said and urged the youths to join the campaign against drug menace which will be taken up by the ANSU in coming year and take part in it.

He also hoped to take up saving flora and fauna of the state.

On the eve of New Year, Dodum also appealed to youths to make resolutions as individual and student organization leaders to take the student community, society to the path of peace and progress.

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