A 13 years school dropout boy has carried out cultivation of mushroom farming

Yachuli, “Where there’s a will there’s a way”-  Based on this maxim, a young orphan boy aged around 13 years,a school dropout of Yachuli under Yachuli block of Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh has made up his mind to carry out cultivation of mushroom farming.

He has put in all his efforts in constructing a self made small mushroom house near District Institute Education Training [DIET] Yachuli.He assertively expressed,”I have a great interest in mushroom farming as it requires very little energy and investment. Moreover, there are a lot of unused straws found in our white Rice cultivation fields. I have learned many things from YouTube.I have learned how to expedite mushroom growth and cultivation through YouTube during Covid-19 pandemic and thereafter its lockdown periods.”

The orphan boy constructed a site with almirah type of racks along with Bamboo roof locally available in the village. Mushroom cultivation is an easy process.” We can become self-reliant through this cultivation with proper use of technology and expert guidance from professional farmers provided on YouTube etc. It requires a little man power and investments which are advantages for a boy like me. Being an orphan and school dropout,I have chosen this cultivation and want to succeed. I am trying this time as a first attempt and also learning so many new techniques of mushroom firming through social media”

Despite agriculture and horticulture being the backbone of the majority of the population, farmers in Arunachal Pradesh remain the most exploited in terms of new technologies in farming.

Lack of outpouring to the organised markets and the highest rate of unemployment, economic deprivation continues to exist in the state.

Concerned department should encourage many small scale agriculture based farmers to exercise mushroom cultivation to sustain themselves and create a strong awareness to further their interests in this agricultural activity like this young orphan,school dropout Mr. Zoro Phil, the residence of Yachuli. 

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