Trails of devastation are witnessed across the capital city and adjoining area due to heavy downpour and landslide

NAHARLAGUN, JUNE 16 ; A trail of devastation has been witnessed on Wednesday morning due to flash flood and landslide triggered by heavy downpour in various parts of capital complex specially in Naharlagun circle of Papum pare district.

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso alongwith Naharlagun EAC Likha Radh and DDMO Tem Kaya visited the flood affected Borum and other parts of the area in a circle and said that we cannot stop nature but we can save ourselves by following the rule of nature. There are lots of ways and means to live safely from devastation, especially during the monsoon. The capital administration has already established Relief camps which should be utilized and in case of emergency. He said.

We need to remain alert and it would be better if the people living at vulnerable   places like  people staying on banks of rivers, down below the steep slope mountain and landslide prone area should immediately vacate the places for a few weeks to remain safe and secure from the disastrous moment. Kaso added.

Trails of devastation are witnessed across the capital city and adjoining area due to heavy downpour and landslide

Kaso further appeal all section of society to remain alert due to heavy downpour and heat summer during the pandemic period and also take care of near and dear one during the period of disaster as several parts of the capital region has been witness loss of property due to heavy rain, flood and landslide and everyone need to extend cooperation and support during such period.

Naharlagun EAC Likha Radh inform that due to flash flood by the Tarajuli river several parts of the area were inundated by the flash flood, the river water after breaking several man-made barricade and boundary all has damaged three nos of permanent resident in Lower Borum out of which two partially. The permanent residence for former SW&WCD Director Taw Tabin has been completely damaged with all household belongings. The household belongings including kitchen items of all the houses in two other houses were completely damaged. Radh said.

The road leading toward the Lower Borum and portion of TAH near Borum and Railway station and other parts between Papunallah and Yupia was closed due to landslides at multiple locations for a short time which was cleared for traffic movement.

Radh inform that we have also adopted the police force and DDMO who are also visiting several places in the Naharlagun township where a private resident of one KP Dolo at F Sector has been submerged by rainwater and adjoining area where report of flash flood and landslide has been taken place and to help out the affected people during the time of disaster.

The lower Borum Development Committee General Secretary Tarh Tago informed that due to heavy downpour the flash flood which took place early morning at around 4.30 AM has damaged around three houses with all household belongings and nothing could be saved. Four now of light motor vehicles have also been badly damaged in the flood and mudslide in the residential area of Lower Borum. The road of the colony has also been damaged and we have engaged around three nos of JCH and Tata mobile and trucks to clear the debris but it could take around three days however two nos of houses have been vacated as the houses have been completely damaged. Tago said.

The Korjuli Colony near Papu nallah has also witnessed a massive damage on Wednesday morning where several houses and vehicles were either washed away or damaged completely or partially. The Korjuli colony welfare committee, General secretary Lokam Sangma informed that the heavy downpour and flash flood has damaged a huge property in the area. Two nos of OBT (locally made houses) have been completely washed away. Four nos of other houses have been completely or partially damaged. Those families affected by the flash flood have either shifted to nearby residents vacating the damaged resident as a safety measure.

Six nos of light motor vehicle which include one no of Bolero, 1 nos of Bolero Pickup van, four nos of scotty has been either washed away and few of them are still in the debris and could not retrieved due to massive deposition of debris in the locality. More than forty meters of the protection wall of the colony from the nearby river has also been washed away in the flash flood. Lokam said.  he further appealed to the capital administration to provide necessary relief materials and compensation to the victims at an early date so that the victims could manage the essential food items and other requirements during the hour of disaster.

However, the Nirjuli police station has been inundated by flood water and all the materials kept in the police station have been damaged completely or partially. The police personnel posted at Nirjuli police station has tough time during the heavy monsoon as  the police station remain under submergence of flood water and the police department is yet to come up with plan and proposal to construct a permanent police station instead of present one which is in bad shape and need immediate attention of the top officer of the administration and department for years together.

It is also to mention that the several parts of NH-415 has also been badly affected due to heavy downpour and submergence of muddy water and flash flood and landslide due to earth cutting on the upside of the hills nearby the road. The road near Bage Tinali and Lekhi on NH-415 has also been dammed and the vehicles were playing at a snail speed during the pandemic due to which a massive traffic jam has been witnessed during the daytime.

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