The District Level Quiz Competition was held in Yupia

SAGALEE, District Level Quiz Competition was inaugurated by T. T. Tara, Deputy Director of School Education, Papum Pare, Yupia as a Chief Guest today Govt. M.E School, Sagalee Town. The Quiz Competition was started with the welcome address by T. T. Tara, BRCC, Sagalee Block in the  presence of participants from the different schools of the Papum Pare District.

            The rules of the Quiz Competition were briefed  by Gollo Tajam, the quiz Master of the competition. Among various participants Taw Natung Class-VIII & Miss. Techi Tupum, Class-VIII of Govt. Res. School, Sarkhahappa) got first position, Nabam Yaning, Class-VIII & Mst. Ngurang Gama Class-VIII, of Govt. M.E School, Ompuli got second position and Techi Sungida Class-VII & Sangha Ana Class-VIII of Govt. M.E School, Sagalee Town got third position respectively.

            Earlier, the Chief Guest DDSE Yupia  T.T. Tara highlighted the importance of the participation in such literary activities by students  in the highly competitive present world  where excellence in every field is utmost important. He further asserted that hidden talents of the young children come up from these literary events. He also encourages the students community to be sincere and hardworking  towards  their studies under the guidance of teachers and parents.

            DDSE cum DPO advised  the participating students to make proper preparation and do hard work to complete the competition. He also asked all the schools of the Papum Pare District to send their students for participation in such literary activities, at the same time he feels sorry for inconvenience having a less facilities for accommodation of fellow students as audience and expressed hope that in days to come effort would be made such competitions in grand manner.

            The programme concluded with the distribution of prizes by the Chief Guest followed by the vote of thanks by Teli Tadik, Headmaster I/c, Govt. M.E School, Sagalee Town.

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