Tarin Dakpe and Phurpa Tsering urged upon the Home deptt for early establishment of the Fire station

ITANAGAR, AUG 27 : The MLA of Raga assembly constituency under Kamle district Tarin Dakpe and MLA of Dirang assembly constituency under West Kameng district Phurpa Tsering has urged the home department and state government for early establishment of the Fire station. This issue was raised due in the floor of assembly today during the question hours.

Dakpe stated that there has been major fire mishap, such fire mishap has been taking place in his assembly constituency in Boasimla and there is no fire station in the district either at Boasimla, Dolungmukh or at district headquarter at Raga. Due to unavailability of fire stations there has been lots of difficulty during the time of disaster or emergency services. He said.

The Phurpa Tsering informed the house that I have been requesting the state government through the home department time and again but the establishment of a fire station at Dirang has not been materialized. There have been several major fire incidents in Dirang towns and also nearby Rama camp but due to no fire tender or fire station lots of difficulty has been faced by the locality. The nearest Fire station is at Bomdila which is too far away and before reaching the fire incident site everything is finished in the mishap. Phurpa said.

I have even procured a small fire tender but due to unavailability of state the vehicle could not be kept properly for its utilization. He added.

Replying to the question, the Home & Border Affairs Minister Bamang Felix said that the proposal has been received from Fire and Emergency services department fro creation of post for establishment of new Fire station at Raga. As and when the austerity measures are lifted which are in force till October 2021 the proposal will be taken up for consideration. He said.

However, the Home Minister assured the house that he will take a review meeting and the department to make a detailed survey for requirements of fire stations across the state.

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