Rescued Baby Leopard Finds New Home at Itanagar Zoo

Khonsa, Nov 1: In a heartwarming rescue mission, a baby leopard was saved and then sent to Itanagar’s Biological Park (Itanagar Zoo). Brave forest officials from Khonsa played a big part in this.

The story starts with a local hero, Phawang Lowang, who is known in the community. He found the young leopard in a tough spot in the Barap area of Lazu, Tirap District, after heavy rains left it stuck on a small piece of land. The baby leopard’s mom couldn’t be found for a long time.

Local folks discovered the stranded cub and let Sri Phawang Lowang know. He cared for the cub for two months, nursing it back to health.

On October 20, 2023, Phawang Lowang got in touch with forest officials. They quickly took the cub and arranged for its safe transport to Itanagar Zoo. There, it will get the care it needs to get back on its paws.

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