One RCC building near MLA apartment at Chimpu at verge of collapse, police ask to vacant premis

ITANAGAR, MARCH 26 : One RCC building locate near MLA Apartment at Chimpu is at the verge to collapse the Capital police has ask the tenants to vacate the premise, however a portion of building which collapse on Late night of Saturday has blockage the colony road. 

The Chimpu police station sources inform that the RCC building of one Takang Mangam, located near the MLA Apartment/Covid care centre at Chimpu is posing threat and vulnerable to accident and may collapse at any pint of time. The alert was given to the tenants and was ask to vacate the building premise but on Late night of Saturday one portion of the said building has collapse and block the colony road creating lots of hurdles to the colony dweller.  The police sources said.

However the building owner relative and the nearly residents has discussed the matter to clean the debris of the said building for the colony road which was huge with the help of JCB etc and clear the street for smooth movement of vehicular traffic and locals of the said colony.

The denizens are requested to remain alert to stay safe and secure from landslide, flood and other natural calamity in case of heavy rainfall etc. 

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