Kra Daadi police appeal to people to remain alert from infection of Covid

PALIN, JUNE 28 ; The Kra Daadi district police has today appealed to the general public to properly maintain the Covid behaviors and also the SoP and guidelines issued by the health deptt and district administration from time to time for safety and good health of the general public.

The team of police officers and personnels led by district police chief Dusu Kaling today visited the containment village Langdung and Attangriang and interacted the senior members, PRI leaders and others and interacted them of their well being and precautionary measures being undertaken by the villagers and also assured all support of police team.

SP Dusu Kaling informed that the villages of Langdung and Attangriang have been declared as containment zones wef 22/6/21 to 01/07/21 by the Dist Adm owing to reports of several positive cases in the villages. As per information most of the villagers who were under home isolation /quarantine have recovered and few left are also recovering. People recover because they are maintaining the SoP properly and also understand the Covid behaviors. Kaling said.

In a continued effort to curb the spread of CoVID 19 in the district, the district police today visited the villages of Landung and Attangriang of Palin area and interacted with the local PRI leaders and Gaon buras. He said.

The team was also accompanied by CO Palin Api Ngunu. The SP urged the GPC and the Gaon Buras to maintain and follow all the Sops and guidelines so that maximum benefit of the advice are benefitted. We can also remain safe and if we stand together we can overcome and win the battle with the Covid in the shortest time. he said.

As a part of helping hand to the needy at this time of pandemic, the District police distributed essential food items and masks to the GPC and the Gaon buras to distribute it to the most needed ones. SP Kaling added.

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