International Day of Yoga observed at Assembly

ITANAGAR: Along with the rest of the world, the 8th edition of International Day of Yoga was observed at Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Complex on Tuesday. Assembly Speaker P D Sona along with Minister Tumke Bagra, MLA Nyato Dukam and staff of Assembly participated in the Yoga Session.

Interacting with the media in the sideline of the yoga programme, the Speaker extended his good wishes to the people of the State and expressed his hope that the occasion will motivate more and more people to practise Yoga.

“Everyone should learn and practise yoga because it’s not only beneficial for one’s physical health but also for mental health,” said Sona while calling upon everyone to do yoga regularly to stay healthy.

One can achieve physical health through normal exercises but for mental health one needs to practise yoga which is a combination of both physical and mental exercise, he said while sharing his experience of the yoga session. 

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