I did what was possible best for the welfare of people and development of 21st Koloriang A/C but there are still lots to be done Said former MLA Pani Taram

NAHARLAGUN, JUNE 30 : “Well being is half done” so time has come to complete all the work which might have been left and seems half done. Said Koloriang former MLA Pani Taram

Taram was addressing an interaction cum get together programme of people of 21st Koloriang assembly constituency of Kurung Kumey district in general at Borum in capital complex on Friday afternoon. Taram said that
Health, education, infrastructure and roads were my priority as an MLA and it will always be in my priority and top in agenda of my programme and policy. Said Taram.

Several important decision were taken up during my tenure as MLA from 2014-19 like of roads, circle headquarter  road projects sanctioned, connectivity to Paniasng, road toward Ruba, road at Mili, polosang, wherever there was a gap in road communication I tried my best effort for the same. But most of the road is yet to be completed and it need to be in fast track for its completion. He said.

A proper town planning for Koloriang township is needed..
The ALG for Koloriang has already been approved and we have to carry forward the project for its construction and also to establish air communication and also extension of the township. He said.

Infrastructure development in all circle headquarter, telecommunication system and its upgradation and several others project and welfare schemes and infrastructure development project which may be required for the constituency may be considered and all these may be taken up for the welfare of people and development of areas. Said former MLA Taram.

I have a dream and a vision for development of 21st Koloriang assembly constituency for peace, progress of development. And hope whatever the important works which have been left will be taken for consideration of government after discussion of the masses. We all have to join hands together and together we began for better development.
Political fight will always there but to become a good citizen and to live in peace, progress and developed society we have to work together without pointing fingers toward others and blaming. he added.

We can able to develop our area and state only if we all leave aside the political disputes and we should also understand the problem and issues and accept the challenges. We have to determine ourselves as what we have to do for the welfare of the people, development of area and for the right of the people. The former MLA Pani Taram further said.

The former MLA Pani Taram also added that ‘I am ready to contest next election and will try for party ticket form any political party which the general public of Koloriang say however will try for even ruling BJP and other, but ticket is not a big matter for me and I will contest election for the people and will become voice of people for all round development’.    

Koloriang (Lower) ZPM Bengia Tashi, Organising Committee Chairman Bamang Raman, Organising Secretary Yangfo Arun, convener Bengia Sinia, public leader Dare Longung, Pisa Tabin, Lokam Pabi, Lokam NIma, R Y Bengia, Gichik Tami address the gathering.

Several former and present PRI leader, social workers  local and social leaders, senior citizens, youth leaders and others from Koloriang, Damin, Sarli, Paris Parlo  Paniasang, Polosang and others were present on the occasion.

Several important projects and schemes of public importance were discussed and several speakers spoke on these developmental and welfare schemes.

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