Entire Bomdila township and adjoining villages are declared as “Containment Zone”

ITANAGAR, JULY 15 ; The entire BOmdila township and adjoining area and villages in West Kameng district has been declared as containment zone from July 16 to 23. Informed Deputy Commissioner cum District disaster management authority Chairman Karma Leki.

While issuing the executive order, The Deputy Commissioner said that a large number of COVID-19 positive cases have been detected at Bomdila township including adjoining Sera and Pedung villages. The positivity rate of Bomdila township has increased by 10% in the last two consecutive weeks, resulting in the current positivity rate ending on 11 July. 2021 at 25.92%. He said.

Despite the extensive random testing for COVID-19 by RAT carried out in and around Bomdila township by the District Medical Team the positivity rate has not declined and infection rate amongst the population within Bomdila township could not be contained. The substantial rise of COVID-19 infection has been observed even in most of the Govt. Offices and other institutions. DC said.

On the basis of recommendation of DMO, Bomdila, and in the interest of public health and safety the entire area of Bomdila township and adjoining villages of Sera and Pedung, within the boundaries specified has been declared as “Containment Zone” with effect from 2 p.m. on 16(h July, 2021 to 6 p.m. on 23rd July, 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to break the chain of infection of COVID-19, with the restrictions / regulations. DC said.

All three entry points to Bomdila township shall be sealed and manned by Police and supervised by the Magistrates round the clock during the containment period. No government and private offices except those engaged in essential services will be permitted and remain open. All residents of Bomdila township shall remain indoors and no person is allowed to venture outside and roam freely except those exempted for providing essential services. No gathering of any kind shall be allowed in the containment zone during the period of containment. He said adding that all public and private transport services including taxi service will remain suspended during the period of containment while no no shops and other commercial establishments shall remain open.

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