CM’s White Revolution Scheme in risk, Lohit reported series of death of cattle

TEZU: 22 Sept: An ambitious Chief Minister’s White Revolution Scheme (CMWRS) meant to double the farmer income, increasing self – employment & employment opportunities of rural folk of Arunachal is in doldrums after series of cattle death reported from several villages of Lohit district.

The Punjab breed of cows procured by the M/S MDL Smart Ventures West Siang Aalo under CMWRS – II delivered the breed to the beneficiaries but could not acclimatize the climatic condition and one after another the cattle died. “I have received 6 cows including calves despite I cared more then a child I could not save them and remained now only two cows”, rues Yedem Drai beneficiary of Bhekuliang. Another from same village could save only one out of 6 cows which is unfortunate.

Moreover at Tezu Block Drengso Pul one of the beneficiaries lost the entire 6 (six) numbers which is regrettable. Yet further disheartened farmer Sottilum Manyu of New Hatiduba village also suffered miserably due to lost of entire cattle because of the reason best known to the AH& Veterinary Dept. and the farm who have supplied the cows.    
The beneficiaries suggested that the farm should have procured the local breed from neighboring state of Assam which is familiar to the climate of this hilly state.

Meanwhile, the depressed farmers also sought insurance from the New India Assurance Company Ltd, Tezu in Lohit district. Regrettably, the Insurance Company has also withdrawn the Insurances after repeated fatality of the cow.    

Earlier in the month of June 2021, Balong Tindya ZPM Tezu Block in a written letter to the Deputy Commissioner Lohit district also urged for cancellation of the farm procurement. While complaining, he said that the imported breed were having poor in survival rate, have high mortality and suggested for local breed of cow.    

In the Meantime, Karikho Kri local MLA in a written note to the Secretary AH &Veterinary Itanagar pleads to discontinue the deal of procurement & supply of imported breed under the scheme CMWRS- 2019 – 20 and the model need to be re – shaped with local breed for largest interest of the dairy farmer of the district, he emphasizes.  

“Out of 119 selected beneficiaries, till day only 20 (twenty) beneficiaries have received the benefit and rest are waiting since last one year. The farm must procure local breed that acclimatize with our state climate. The high mortality rate also compelled the Insurance Company to withdraw its further insurance plan which is discouraging”, the MLA disappoints in a letter.

Written by: Bishnu Rana

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