APWWS Welcomes High Court Intervention, Yumken Bagra Accused of Sexually Assaulting 21 Children Surrenders

Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) has expressed gratitude for the High Court’s intervention, which has compelled Yumken Bagra, the accused of sexually assaulting 21 children, to surrender himself. The society remains hopeful that justice will be served in the court of law and that Bagra will receive exemplary punishment. APWWS emphasizes that individuals like Bagra have no place in civil society as they pose a continuous threat to safety. The society also commends the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for conducting a thorough probe into the matter.

The society acknowledges the heavy burden carried by thoughts of the sexually, mentally, and physically assaulted children under their own warden. Though the journey to recovery will be long, there is some respite knowing that the perpetrator of the heinous crime is in jail. APWWS assures continued support to the survivors and their families, particularly in Mechukha.

Furthermore, APWWS appeals to the government of Arunachal Pradesh to extend necessary assistance to the survivors and their families during this trying time. The society hopes for an early judgment in accordance with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

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