ACC&I Chairman and Tarh Motors Proprietor Tarh Nachung has urged upon the commercial vehicle owners and drivers to become responsible and follow traffic rules while driving on street and highway

NIRJULI, May 23 : The vehicle dealers always want that the vehicle they are selling to the customers last long and help the customer to earn the feel satisfaction. At the same time it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and driver to drive the commercial vehicle smoothly, carefully and also follow traffic rules as a safety measures which may not create hindrances for others while on road. Said Arunachal chamber of commerce &Industry Chairman and Proprietor Tarh Motors, Lekhi, NIrjuli.

Speaking to media, Nachung said that prime objective of any vehicle dealers specially for commercial vehicles is to deliver the best and exciting vehicles which will improve the customer’s experience and economically sustainability, we purchase commercial vehicle to get support and upgrade the economic sustainability and also it provide opportunity of employment for driver and a helper. He said.

Even in case of bad road and challenging terrain it’s the responsibility to take care of the vehicle and carry the works given to them and the Tata vehicle has been performing from decades and the vehicle can last long if its properly handled by the drivers. He said

We have also a meeting of several top business leader of Tata Motors of North East Region toady here and we all discussed on such various issue. our major focus was to provide customer satisfaction, to give better information to the new driver and vehicle owner who come to purchase new vehicle about the traffic rules and regulation so that they does not face more difficulties during vehicle checking and even otherwise. Always keep the vehicle documents ready and update, always wear shoes during driving, check the tyre. Keep some small equipments for tyre puncture and tyre change etc, always chek your vehicle in update and with good brake condition and see that you are not drunk when driving. He said.

Tata service head of East India, Arun Jalali along with five other officials from the region also takes part indecision and we shall also look forward to provide spare parts to the dealer and others so that the Tata customers does face difficulty and has to waste time and days. Said Nchung.

In Arunachal there are many other vehicle’s companies and I am one of them, said Nachung, sharing that his objective is not just to sales off the vehicles rather to provide best of the best services to the customers.

“Today Tata’s vehicles can be seen at most difficult terrain areas,” said Natung, adding that tata motors service providers are also reaching out there such as Mechukha in Shi-Yomi and Lemiking in Upper Subansiri district which shares international border with China.

While expressing his gratitude towards the representatives of Tata Motor Group for their constant support in enhancing service facilities and how to  bring improvements in vehicles for the greater interest of the customers, he also appealed to the tata vehicles driver in particular and other company’s driver not to drive their vehicles harshly and to take extra precaution measures of road safety.

On the occasion several commercial vehicles were also handed over to the customers as a special occasion by the visiting guests and other dignitaries. 

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