The 40th foundation day of ANSU was celebrated at Itanagar.

ITANAGAR, The Minister for Environment & Forest, Sports & YA and WRD Mama Natung on Friday has given a clarion call to the students community to play provital role for unity, integrity, peace, communal harmony, brotherhood, progress and development of state in all sector of life

Natung appeal comes while attending the 40th foundation day celebration of All Nyishi students union (ANSU) here at Tallang Hira memorial complex, E sector in the city as chief guest. Natung said that the 40th foundation day celebration concept is really appreciating one as the present ANSU leaders have invited all students leaders of several communities of state is a glaring example to remain united among the community and ask to continue all the time in future for unity and integrity of the all tribes of state. Natung said.

Recalling all the former ANSU leaders since founder President Late Dera Natung contribution in molding the society to the present stage, Natung said that their contribution has to be remembered and we have to carry forward the legacy of good governance and leadership to lead the society in the right direction. Natung said. the work carried during the Covid pandemic by the students community in social activities including ration distribution, social service is praise worthy and urge upon all the students community to carry forward such act which the society always look forward and such coordination in carrying out such social activities with coordination of IMC and government will always remembered. He said.

The money culture in election need to be discarded and said the students leaders has to begin the task in the students election which would be an example for other election by way of transformation and reformation which the students community has to begin with discussion with CBOs, parents organization of all community based on Pan Arunachal slogan, he said.

We have to take ownership being a responsible citizen of state and urge upon all section of society specially the students and youths to join hands for all round development of state, by uniting we can make a difference and we have to make a humble beginning and said that the problems and demands may be fulfilled but before it should be first informed to the representative and leaders of the community as being a member of team Arunachal for resolution of the charter of demands. He said.

Terming the year of education, Natung said that the golden jubilee celebration has decided to create a model school in each assembly constituency and a cabinet decisional been taken at Ziro recently. He informed.

He appealed to the youths to preserve the culture, language and tradition for the beauty of state as an identity. Natung said.

Natung further appealed the ANSU to adopt the Dera Natung Government college for its proper upkeep and proper functioning.

Thrizino-Buragoan MLA and Advisor to Forest Minister Kumsi Sidisow speaking the function as guest of honor said that my journey in the politico as an MLA is thrice and it was only possible as I have also serve the society and community being a student leaders for several years and did my service to the society which was liked and supported by all. Every work being carried out by a human being is always rewarded and all the good works are rewarded and urge upon all students community to work hard and become a good human being and serve the society for a better Arunachal Pradesh. Sidisow said.

Around 64% of population of the country are youths and back in state we have around 14 lakhs population and the highest is the Nyishi community spreads in 7 district having the largest population and Nyishi are treated as the big brother, elder sister and they should also try to unite all the tribes of the state with a positive thinking and the we find that the present ANSU leaders can do something with all the CBOs, AAPSU to unite all the tribes for a communal harmony, brotherhood, peace and development for a change in the state. Sidisow said.

Chayang Tajo MLA and former ANSU President Hayang Mangfi, Itanagar Mayor and former ANSU President Tame Phasang ANSU President Nabam Dodum, General secretary Gora Rikam Bhai, among others also address the function.

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