IMC Mayor Tame Phassang appeal the citizens to maintain precautionary measures as a safety measures from heavy downpour

NAHARLAGUN, JULY 1 : The Itanagar municipal corporation (IMC) Mayor Tame Phassang on Friday has appeal the denizens of capital complex in particular and state as a whole to maintain alert to remain safe as a safety measures to remain safe and secure in heavy rainfall.

Phassang was briefing the media, he informed that everyone are seriously concern on the damaged due to landslide and flesh flood triggered by heavy downpour in capital complex and other parts of state. Wherever the landslide and flash flood have taken place in capital complex has been observed that there has been human interference and also due to earth cutting may legal or illegal. He observed. 

There is a need of strict guidelines to be imposed to those individuals, organization and even to the department who seek permission from the administration  to carry earth cutting for any purpose and urged upon the Capital DC Talo Potom to act upon strictly who violate the order. 

He said that we are passing with critical period of monsoon with nature fury is witness in entire capital region with loss of several life and property and destruction of private and public property, we can save ourselves if atleast precautionary measures are being taken up and maintain alertness. IMC Mayor added.

He appeal all those who are residing near the river side and below mountain to shift to safer places atleast to avoid maximum loss of life and property. 

The IMC Mayor further appeal all to extend helping hand to each other during the time of disaster and try not to destroy the mother nature who gives us everything for our survival on the mother earth. 

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