We have to create a conducive atmosphere to bring more investment to the state : Nabam Rebia

NAHARLAGUN, There is an urgent need for a conducive atmosphere which will help in providing opportunities to the investors to invest in the state which will pave the way for more investment for rapid development of state in all sector. said Rajya Sabha MP Nabam Rebia.

Rebia was addressing a public function here at Lekhi on the occasion of inauguration of a Tata dealer “ Tarh Motors” attended by several eminent personalities which include Itanagar Capital MLA Techi Kaso, IMC Mayor Tame Phasang and others.

Rebia said that due to non availability of a conducive atmosphere in the state several investors do not like to visit the state and accordingly investment by other investors is very less in state. we heard several law and order problems and frequent calling of protest, dharna, strike and bandh culture has damaged the name of North East region and our state too but we have to change our attitude and discard the band culture so that people of other parts of country know about our best hospitality we served for visitors. He said.

There may be local problems which need to be resolved amicably but we should not compromise anything at the cost for peace, progress and development of state and region. Everyone has to play their role and shoulder the responsibility right from the community level. He said.

The state has a tremendous potential which include natural resources, Hydro power development sector, medicinal plants, flora and fauna, mines and minerals are available in large quantities and we need to explore and tap it so that the state can earn revenue for economic development and progress and development of state. We have to attract the investors  so that several investors come to the state and invest in several sectors and we will become employers and not remain employees. We have to learn and educate our people and become a professional to serve the state in a better way. Rebia said.

Today is a competitive age and we should not live like this and we should come forward living aside our issues for development and join with the competition for creating infrastructure and development of the state in comparison to other states of the country like and a time will come our state will become one of the richest with better economy. He added.

Time has come to think of ourselves to create an investment friendly atmosphere with supportive nature to help them to sustain in state and invest for development of our frontier state of country. We should attract the investors with facility and help them to invest to become aatma nirbhar and self reliant. Rebia further said.

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso, IMC Mayor emphasizes for providing better service to people and customers so that all types of businesses flourish and upgrade and be able to employee our youths and also solve the unemployment problems to some extent.

Tarh Motors Managing Partner Tarh Nachung, Managing Partner Sanjiv Dey, Tata Motors state head (North East) Kingsuk Mitra, Indian Bank Chief Manager Mirnal Das among others also address the inaugural ceremony.

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