Twelve Athletes to Represent State at 11th Senior National Pencak Silat Championship 2023

Itanagar, Aug 9: In a display of athletic prowess and determination, a contingent of twelve skilled athletes from our state is all set to make their mark at the upcoming 11th Senior National Pencak Silat Championship 2023. The championship, slated to be held from August 12th to August 15th, 2023, in Nashik, Maharashtra, is a vibrant platform for athletes to showcase their expertise in the captivating Indonesian martial art form.

Under the banner of the Arunachal Pradesh Pencak Silat Association, these athletes have undergone rigorous training to excel in various categories including Tanding (Fight), Tungal (Single), Regu (Group), Ganda (Demi Fight), and Solo events. However, their participation in the championship holds even greater significance, as it serves as a stepping stone toward the coveted 37th National Games, scheduled to take place in Goa later this year.

The distinguished athletes representing our state include HINIUM MAMA (50kg), RUMIK BABY (58kg), ATTA TAYUNG (45kg), DANA TAJU (Male – 50kg), MANHANGWANGSA (55kg), DONGDA TAYENG (60kg), ATEMSO KRI (65kg), NABAM MAJI (67kg), GAMJAR BUI (72kg), TAI TANIA (76kg), and TAI TALING (83kg). 

The championship not only offers a showcase of athletic finesse but also provides a crucial pathway to the 37th National Games, with the quarterfinalists of this event securing a coveted spot. This prospect adds an extra layer of competition and excitement, intensifying the battles that will unfold in Nashik.

Supported by the Arunachal Pradesh Pencak Silat Association, these athletes have a strong backing from affiliations with esteemed organizations such as the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT), Indian Pencak Silat Federation (IPSF), Indian Olympic Association, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, Sports Authority of India, South Asian Pencak Federation (SAPF), School Game Federation of India, Asian Pencak Silat Federation (APSIF), and the Association of Indian University.

As the championship draws near, the athletes, along with the entire state, are brimming with anticipation. The Arunachal Pradesh Pencak Silat Association’s guidance combined with the athletes’ unwavering commitment promises an electrifying display of skill and determination at the 11th Senior National Pencak Silat Championship 2023.

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