Tirap District’s Sewa Aapke Dwar Camp Brings Government Schemes to Chasa Village

Chasa, August 18 – The Tirap District Administration organized the 4th Sewa Aapke Dwar camp of the season in Chasa village today. The event witnessed a turnout of 1576 beneficiaries from Chasa, Longo, Hoalam, Khowathong, and New Paniduria, all of whom benefited from various government schemes aimed at enhancing their quality of life.

Dignitaries and officials, including DC Tirap Hento Karga, Nodal Officer (SAD) Pik Tayom, and heads of various departments, graced the occasion. The camp’s objective was to ensure that government services reach the remote communities, fostering development and inclusivity. The local populace and PRIs (Panchayati Raj Institutions) also participated actively in the event.

One of the highlights of the event was the awareness campaign conducted by the IPR (Information and Public Relations) department on SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) activities. The campaign aimed to promote higher participation in the electoral process, fostering a strong democratic framework.

DC Tirap took the opportunity to distribute 500 booklets outlining major government schemes as part of the Arunachal Rising Campaign 2023. These informative booklets were compiled by the IPR department in collaboration with the District Administration, Tirap. The distributed booklets aimed to empower the villagers with knowledge about the government initiatives available to them.

During the event, DC Tirap issued 61 ST certificates, distributed 8 Job Cards, 08 Nos. Dulari Kanya Certificates, and facilitated the update of Aadhar cards for 32 individuals. The event also witnessed the distribution of agricultural and horticultural equipment and materials to 37 progressive farmers on the spot. Furthermore, 49 beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) and 24 beneficiaries of the Chief Minister Aarogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY) had their forms filled.

Chasa village Chief Wangheh Rajkumaar expressed appreciation for the District Administration and government departments for their efforts in conducting the 4th Sewa Aapke Dwar camp. He acknowledged the significance of the camp in bringing a multitude of schemes directly to the villagers’ doorsteps.

The event highlighted the commitment of both the Central and State governments, led by HPM Narendra Modi and HCM Pema Khandu respectively, in promoting development through flagship programs and initiatives. The Tirap District Administration’s proactive approach was also lauded for making government services accessible to even the remotest communities.

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