The DPC and out of turn issue will be discussed on priority and resolved: Pema Khandu

ITANAGAR, MAY 5 ; The Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday said that the demands of engineering service association was the out of turn promotion and DPC and other issues which would be taken up to state government and be resolved.

Khandu said that the out of turn promotion/appointments are not only in the engineering department but in almost all the departments. Reports of 31 departments have been received and as the report of remaining departments are arrived the matter will be taken up to the state cabinet and it would be streamlined. Said Khandu.

With regards to the departmental promotion committee (DPC) the chief Minister said that direction will be issued to the concerned secretary and hope it would be resolved soon after discussion and meetings. A committee would be constituted with commissioner PWD for the works department who will see and finalized.  . He said.

Other two issues of Service engineers association are related to the Administrative department (AR ) to give remarks and give forward recommendations and a direction has been issued. Khandu said.

With regards to protection and preservation of catchment areas of water sources, the chief Minister Pema Khandu said a direction has been given to the PHED department and as per information a ‘catchment area policy’  which has been sent to the forest department. Once it is finalized the state govt will take up the issue. The Chief Minister added.

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