The 7th session has been reduced to two days : PD Sona

ITANAGAR, AUG 26 : The 7th session of the seventh legislative assembly has been reduced to two days due to less business and other issues. Informed Arunachal Pradesh Legislative assembly speaker P D Sona.

The session was summoned earlier which began on August 27 to 31st has been reduced to two days and the business of the 7th session is expected to be completed in two days. As of now there is only 1 government bill to be tabled pertaining to amendment of District reorganization bill, few calling attention motion, short duration discussion including question hours. Said the Speaker.

‘I could not attend the Business advisory committee (BAC) meeting but could not reach in time due to bad weather as I was in my assembly constituency’. I came to know that there is not much agenda for three days and has been reduced to two days. He said.

There are three calling attention which include migration of people from the rural border areas is an important matter to be discussed raised by Lokam Tassar. There are several questions and matters which may be discussed. He said

The health department is organizing a camp where the doctors of TRIHMS will carry a checkup with few tests and other required checkup if needed. The Covid pandemic is not yet over and people should not take it lightly and behave properly and maintain the Covid protocol as a safety measure. He said.

Since we have two days of business and been trying to give opportunity and naturally do not do bias and try to include the question of all the members concerned and we are giving 20 questions on a daily basis. Speaker said,

Training on e-bidhan has been given to almost all the members with regard to work with technology and hope that everyone has understood the application of digital platforms for working in legislative assembly, earlier in two sessions also the system was applied and it is now almost a successful one. He said.

We have the Solung festival of Adi community on Sept 1 and after the session the community leaders and members of the house from the community were also able to attend the festival celebration. He said.

With regard to functioning of schools, the Speaker said that the education department is taking up consultation with all stakeholders including the health department for opening of schools for offline classes and requested all to abide by the Covid 19 pandemic guidelines and advisory before taking any decision in the interest of school children. he sadded.

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