Techi Kaso appeal the denizens of capital to enjoy the new years in responsible way

ITANAGAR, The Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso has appealed to the residents to avoid drinking and drive during the new year celebration. Talking to the press here while inaugurating a new picnic park named Goya picnic park at Chimi-Ganga village, he said human lives are more important than any other things.

“Every year many lives are lost due to drink and drive accidents. I urge citizens to enjoy the new year season but behave responsibly in the interest of family and society,” said Kaso. 

Every passing year and new year is a matter of celebration but celebration should be like a celebration wherein respect for elders and love for youngers be there and enjoy the festive season so that we live more to continue celebration years after years. 

He further urge upon the vehicle owners and drivers to drive smoothly and behave properly when they are on road without mixing drinking with driving. Kaso added. 

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