Teaching fraternity under Lower Subansiri organized barbeque party

Doyer Pill || π’πžπ²πš πŸ’ 𝐍𝐨𝐯: A barbecue party was held on the bank of River Keyi Sepa on 4th Nov 22 by a host of teaching fraternity serving under Lower Subansiri district.

During the barbecue,a cookout meal was served and devoured by the people gathered at the spot which was chalked out as a part of an excursion that was conducted in the lap of a panoramic lushgreen forested area of Seya village on 4th November 2022.

All the heads of schools working under Lower Subansiri organised the outing in an enthusiastic manner. In the function, DDSE Lower Subansiri Tabia Chobin was also made his presence and spearheaded with a speech.

Over a hundred of teaching facilities including a section of public from Seya village & GPC,Toko Sera, SMCs and respective CRCCs of the district rushed to Seya village falling under Ziro-II block and participated in the barbecue held on the bank of river Keyi Sepa, a spot surrounding hills and hillocks, greenery which presented a picturesque look all around.

It’s a new of its kind where teaching fraternity of the district flocked together and relished their cookout meal in their own fashion.

They shared their personal ideas and knowledge to each other basing on their professional and moral responsibilities for the society to which they are entrusted.

Honesty, some teaching fraternity felt a bit more nervous going to the spot but it didn’t take more time to regain their confidence as soon as they joined it and they all had a feeling of belongingness which was greatly appreciated and admired by the picnic organisers,as one among organising secretaries said.

This type of get together often let all of us to generate a feeling of oneness”,said Neelan Obi picnic organiser.

One of the teachers recalled the moment of joy and said,” After a weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I’m to be a part of this grand barbecue,a second family some may even think “

The spot was chosen at a beautiful countryside,near a Keyi Sepa river and its adjoining places affording a nice view such as preceding an open-air theater where everybody turned out to be a philoshosher at its fag end of the picnic.

A group of Principals, Headmasters, BEOs and alongwith one of the seniormost senior TGT Joram Tacho attended the same outing comprising of Taba Chana,Toko Tubi ,Chera Tajam,Chukhu Khochi and JK Abo who also delivered their speeches to the mass.

Taba Nepa DAEO was also present and delivered a wonderful speech.

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