TAMWS & ULTYF felicitated AAPSU President and achievers

ITANAGAR, JUNE 9 : The Tara Aabh multipurpose welfare society (TAMWS)  and united leil Tara youth foundation (ULTYF) on Thursday afternoon felicitated the AAPSU President and few members of his team and other achievers and hope for better service to the humanity.

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso in his address said that the only expectation from mother and father that his son and daughter will become a officers and lead his family but the expectation should not be limited to that but the now a days the expectation is that my children study well if he/she become a officer but the most important is that he/she dshoudl learn well and become a fine gentleman and serve the society and humanity and help the needy. He said.

Corruption is being discussed everywhere so the new generation who have been achievers should leave away from this disease and maintain a good image and status in family, department and society and general public and become extemporaneous for others.

He also hopes the new AAPSU President team may lead the state to a new height in his field and also work for society  and state as a whole.

Doimukh MLA Tana Hali Tara in his address emphasis the education as backbone of society and development. He said that development could only possible if all together work in team spirit with a vision and mission. He lauded several achievers of getting several important assignments and appointments in various departments and society. He wished that the new team of AAPSU under leadership of Tan Dozi Tara would do lots of work and lead the students and youths community to a new height.

AAPSU President Tana Dozi lauded the organization of such a motivated programme which would help  the upcoming educated youths who excel in their respective field of achievement. 

While thanking the students community for electing him and posing faith in his leadership and assured to work for betterment of the education sector and improve the education scenario and also take the students community to  a new height. He thanks each and everyone those who stood behind him and appeal such support for all round development of state and its people. Dozi added.      

TAMWS President Rekhi Tana Tara,  ULTYF President Tana Sushil Tara,  General Secretary Techi Peko Tara, Women wing chairperson Tana Angela, Secretary Techi Lusy, Executive Secretary Nera Techi Tara, 

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