SASI served a three point charter of demand before the state government

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 13 ; The Save Arunachal Save Indigenous (SASI) on Friday has served three genuine cases before the state government for immediate attention and further consideration.

Addressing the press conference here at Arunachal Press Club (APC) , SASI Chairman Debia Muj said that everyone has a responsibility to shoulder and we as an responsible NGO have been doing in the greater interest of the indigenous people of state and development in all fronts.

Muj said that we have served a three point charter of demand before the state government and submitted our memorandum to the office of the chief minister to draw the kind attention and quick action/response to our 3(Three) point demand. All the three charter demands are important in nature in the interest of the state and its people. He said.

The citizens of Arunachal Pradesh have been raising voice for revamping or re-amending of Article-371 (H) and in this regards feeling the Pulse of its people, the then government under the Leadership of former Chief Minister Nabum Tuki had passed an private resolution at State Legislative Assembly demanding for Re-amending of the said Article and the said resolution duly passed at State Assembly and has been sent to Law Ministry at Centre but till today there is no result. As such we strongly feel that this is the right time for raising this demand as present political equation both in centre and state is of BJP party and luckily we have our own M.P of western Parliament Kiren Rijiju as union Law Minister at centre which has appeared to us as a ray of hope as such we are very much optimistic that if state government send a proposal for re-amending of Article 371 (H) through a resolution or negotiate the power in the centre to get it passed through a bill, then the central government will not reject it rather give a logical solutions. He said.

We are also separately writing to three M.Ps of our state to bring this vexed issue and raise it in the parliament and get it passed at any cost. Muj said.

The said Article in question is very confusing and we the young generations strongly feel that the said Article is totally unsafe for us and our future Generations and also we feel that constitutionally we have been deprived at the time of granting statehood day to us and this so called special provisions. Muj said.

Addition of an clause into Arunachal Pradesh Police Act or passing a separate act/regulation or an order for Immediate suspension of a Police personnel/paramilitary force, who engaged in Inner Line Permit (ILP) checking under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873 are found taking bribe for letting Non-APST/outsiders enter our restricted state by taking bribe or through any unfair means. Thereby inviting lots of untoward incidents including criminal incidents in the state and also rendering ILP provisions useless and damaging the reputation of the whole police family. Getting the ILP is also not so hard and anyone can get the ILP after furnishing few mandatory information and documentary evidences and getting involvement of the security personnel in such act need to be checked and the modification and amendment of the act can improve and strengthening of the ILP checking at the entry gates and other places. Muj said.

Information has been received that proposed bill on Arunachal Pradesh Marriage and Inheritance Bill-2021 is being tabled for passing at state Assembly which needs to be halted and suspended. That Arunachal Pradesh being a tribal state should be guided by separate Customary Law, as we have lots of social practices which are adopted by tribal and hence bringing random acts will impose a heavy restrictions on the age-old practice of tribal culture and heritage. He said. There are lots of lacunae and loopholes in this bill moreover if this bill became an act this will directly give a gateway to outsiders in our restricted state. there will be disturbance and our demography and social fabric may also change. As such we genuinely feel that this bill should never be tabled or passed in the best interest of the indigenous community of the state. The state government through various departments and agencies should have taken consultation and discussion with NGOs, CBOs, GB institutions and stakeholders before taking it for discussion at legislative assembly for consideration. Muj added.

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