Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine launched for small children’s across the state

ITANAGAR, MAY 31 ; The vaccine for protection against Pneumococcal pneumonia and meningitis “Pneumococcal conjugate” (PVC) vaccine has been launched today across the state. the vaccine has been very important for the small childrens.

The Minister for Health & Family Welfare Alo Libang has launched the programme at district hospital, Yingkiong in Upper Siang, the same launching programme has been held across the state today.

NHM, Mission Director C R Khampa informed the press while launching the programme here at TRIHMS, Naharlagun that the launching programme has been held across the state as the vaccination is already there and is beign vaccinated in privately but now it has been made to be a universal vaccination. He said.
The Pneumococal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) is being vaccinated to the target beneficiaries of children’s of age between 8 – 14 weeks and today onward it would be vaccinated across the health and wellness centers across the state free of cost. Khampa said.

The launching programme at Yupia has also been reported as the District Medical Officer Yupia, Dr. Komling Perme in the presence of Dr. R. R Ronya, DSO,  Dr. Neyang Nitik DRCHO, District Program Management Staffs and all the Staffs of HWC Yupia were present during the launching  program.

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