Nachung and Achak appeal the locals to promote the local product promote local entrepreneur

Nachung and Achak appeal the locals to promote the local product promote local entrepreneur

NIRJULI, APRIL 18: Arunachal Chamber of commerce and Industries (ACCI) President and IMC Ward NO-19 Corporator Tarh Nachung and Ward NO 16 Corporator Tarh Achak has appeal the people of capital complex and state to promote local products and entrepreneurs for  self reliant and economic sustainability. 

Both Nachung and Achak  has  launched a local product of LED bulb of 9 Watt which is cheap in compare to other brand being sold in the local market here at C Sector today. This act of an unemployed youth Tadar Guni (Proprietor) who is a engineering degree holder is a praise worthy and would lead to the aatma nirbhar and will help him and his family members and his staffs to self reliant and self sustainability and at the same time it would also support the employment avenue. The duo said.

Nachung while said that the ACCI has launched a campaign for vocal for local and aatma nirbhar and self sustainability and such act is a humble beginning. He said that he will urge upon the members of market community to support such local educated unemployed youths who has been doing of his own business through vocal for local and aatma nirbhar Arunachal.

Achak on other hand said that we will see that such young generation youths come forward for entrepreneurship for local production as we have suffered a lot during the last pandemic to completely depend on other state for everything so producing our own product at our own state is a best example of aatma nirbhar Caputial and Arunachal Pradesh.

It is to mention that the brand in the name of Donyi Polo light has been producing sufficient quantity of LED bulb and can be distributed to deserving distributors across the state. the firm is also able to start some other lighting products which may be used in rural area and also for street lighting system in due course of time.

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