Miscreants dismantled boundary fencing in Arunachal territory, FIR lodged at Banderdewa PS

BANDERDEWA, Miscreants from Assam side has damaged boundary fencing of  agriculture field of few private individuals in Dolikota village of Tarajuli area of Banderdewa circle recently and a FIR has been submitted in this regard.

In a joint FIR submitted by three individuals land owners of Tarajuli area at Banderdewa Police station on Tuesday January 5 said that these land has been in their possession for several years and decades and it has been rampantly trespassed and trying to encroached upon the land in the territory of Arunachal Pradesh by destroying boundary fencing of agriculture fields (jhum cultivation). On enquiry it has been  known that by the locals that other than the locals residing across the boundary has been doing such activities and they are not the locals of the other side of the boundary but may be miscreants. The FIR said.

On December 27th and again on January 3rd the fencing of the Jhum cultivation has been totally damaged by the miscreants and the said land is not a disputed land and the locals residing on both side are living in peace and harmony and maintaining brotherhood for decades and we are possessing Land Possession certificate (LPC), the trees and plantation has also been damaged and destroyed by the miscreants during such time. The miscreants despite knowing the land belongs to Arunachalees have committed crime and as such appeal the administration and state government for immediate solution of boundary disputes between both side for a peaceful coexistence. The FIR added.

Meanwhile, few locals of Pathalipahar Adarsh Gaon, (Assam) residing nearby the Mega Food park at Dolikota (Tarajuli) inform that we are also aware that the Arunachalees has been cultivating in these area for decades but locals are living in communal harmony and maintaining brotherhood but the act of destruction of plantation and boundary fencing in Arunachal side is the handy work of miscreants and we have also informed to the administrative officers and police at Bipuria (Assam) and they have also visited the area and accordingly today the administrative officers and police from Banderdewa  (Arunachal Pradesh) have vested and interacted with us and the private landowners. 

When contacted, the OC PS Banderdewa confirmed the receipt of the FIR on Tuesday morning.

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