Longte festival celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor

Longte festival celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor

ITANAGAR, APRIL 15 The Longte festival has been celebrated across the state with traditional gaiety and fervor with lots of fun and literary and sporting activities across the state.

In Capital complex has been celebrated at Nyokum Lapang ground in Itanagar and Nikum Niya ground at Nirjuli and at Tana Hari farm ground at Doimukh from April 8 and concluded today with weeklong several literary activities, games and sports, cultural and other activities which witness by large numbers of people even the Coronavirus infection is very less in compare to other states of the country.

At Nyokum Lapang ground, the Health & Family welfare, WCD and SJETA Minister Alo LIbang and Dirang MLA and Advisor (PWD West Zone) Phurpa Tsering attended the function as chief guest and guest of hounour participated the celebration and ritual and distributed the prizes of the games and sports and literary and other competition etc.

Addressing the function, Health Minister said that all the festival celebrated in state are related with agriculture harvest and production. All the festival gives us message for wellbeing, communal harmony and brotherhood. He said.

The Covid pandemic is attacking again and second wave is hitting across the state and it is necessary that the we need to take care of ourselves even if the state government is doing all its necessary measures to prevent the pandemic infection again. He said adding that the vaccination drive is also in progress and every one above the age of 45 years need to go to all respective PHC/CHC, district hospital, zonal hospital and other hospital of state and get them vaccinated.

He further said that the festival recall our aged old cultural heritage and tribal identity and appeal all section of society irrespective of religion affiliation to celebrated the local festival to protect our identity and cultural heritage.

Guest of honour, Phurpa Tsering said that the style in celebrating of several indigenous festival has been changing from time to time but celebration itself signify the rich cultural heritage and traditional identity of the people of state. we need to celebrate all festival of any religion without any discrimination to other. he said.

The festival signify the brotherhood and for goodwill and win against the evil forces The people celebrate it is to barricade themselves from the evil forces and pray for world peace and development, happiness and prosperity. He said.

Nyishi festival council (NFC) General Secretary Amit Bengia, Central Longte committee (CLC) General secretary Lokam Mangha, Nyokum Lapang Longte festival celebration committee (NLLCC) Chairman Sangha Roruk, General Secretary Bengia Tado-II among other address the gathering.

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