Kuru Sera will be next Highway chief engineer, Rotom Tebin and Hage Koyang promoted as CE

ITANAGAR, JAN 4 : Kuru Sera will be next Highway chief engineer as Sumyak Sumnyan who retired on December 31stย  while Hage Pilliya will be new Chef engineer of PWD Central Zone-B after encumber Duggum Ete retired on December 31st.ย 

The order of transfer/posting and promotion issued by state government on January 3. The order issued by PWD Commissioner Kaling Tayeng said that in the interest of public service the governor of Arunachal Pradesh has pleased to order of transfer and posting of Six (6) chief engineers with immediate effect until further order.

Rotom Tebin has been promoted as chief engineer and posted at PWD, East Zone, Namsai while Hage Koyang has promoted as chief engineer and posted as CE, contract standardization and quality assurance (CSQ), Itanagar. Tebin will join at Namsai in place of Tumto Kamchi while Hage Koyang will join at CSQ, Itanagar in place of Kuru Sera. The order said.

Tumto Kamchi CE, EZ, Namsai has been posted PWD, West Zone in place of Tayor Taloh while Tayor Taloh, CE, WZ Zone has been transferred and posted as CE (Training & Vigilance)

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