Itanagar Zoo closed for visitors as a safety measure from infection of Covid 19

ITANAGAR, JUNE 10: The Forest department has closed down the Itanagar Biological zoo popularly known as Itanagar Zoo has been closed down for visitors till further order in view of covid infection among the animals in other parts of country. Informed an official.

IN an order issued by Principal chief conservator of Forest (PCCF) (Wildlife and Biodiversity) vide order N0-CWL/D/21(92)2011-12/Pt-900-02 dated June 8 2021 said that as per news report a Lioness in Vandalur Zoo, Chennai in Tamil Nadu is suspected to have died due to Covid 19 infection and several other Lions of the same zoo has been tested positive for SARS COV-2. The order said.

The latest instances of the zoo animals getting infected by Covid 19 once again indicated the high likelihood of disease transmission from affected human beings to captive wild animals. The letter said.

To prevent possible transmission of Covid 19 from human beings to wild tigers and other wildlife there at Zoos under the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to be closed till further order. The order said.

The order has been issued to the Namdapha mini zoo, Mehao mini zoo and Director Biological park, Itanagar and the order has to be maintained in later and spirit for the safety of the wild life from possible infection. The order was added.

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