Itanagar MLA Kaso commits 80% investment over 5 years for education

Naharlagun, Aug 12: Itanagar MLA, Techi Kaso, has taken a bold step to transform the education landscape in the 13-Itanagar assembly constituency. 

In an inspiring address at the All Naharlagun Youth Welfare Association (ANYWA) event held at a city hotel in Naharlagun, Kaso pledged to allocate a substantial 80% of his earnings over the next five years to bolster the education sector within the constituency.

Acknowledging the significance of youth in society, Kaso emphasized the urgent need for unity among educated youth to combat various anti-social elements, with a particular focus on addressing the escalating drug menace in the capital city. He expressed concerns over the detrimental impact of drugs on the future of the upcoming generation, stressing that collective efforts are essential to eradicate this poisonous influence from society.

Kaso urged the youth generation to be the architects of positive change, to rise above the challenges, and to join hands in building a society free from the clutches of drugs and other harmful influences. He emphasized the power of collective action, stressing that by uniting against the drug menace, the youth can safeguard their own future, ensuring that the next generation thrives in an environment of hope, opportunity, and progress.

Naharlagun EAC Likha Radh, Naharlagun Market Welfare Association president Kipa Nai and several leaders and senior citizens take part on the occasion. 

Underlining his commitment to tackle the drug issue, Kaso visited the recently inaugurated Serene Rehabilitation Centre located in D Sector, Nirjuli. During his visit, he made a generous promise to donate a vehicle to benefit both the patients and the authorities working tirelessly to combat the challenges posed by drug addiction.

With this multi-pronged approach, MLA Techi Kaso is not only investing significantly in education but also demonstrating a resolute commitment to making the community drug-free.

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