Itanagar MLA, DC lead inspection of flood-hit Bage Tinali, hopeful of a solution

NIRJULI, JUNE 3 ; A permanent plan is needed for the solution of flood at Bage Tinali in NIrjuli township of Capital complex and necessary direction has been issued to the PWD Officers. Said Itanagar Capital local MLA Techi Kaso after inspection to various parts of the township nearby the Bage Tinali on Friday morning.

There have been a lot of complaints and requests from various corners and various sections of people with regards to the flood problems of Bage Tinali in Nirjuli for the last few years. Though protection measures were taken up earlier with inspection of the Executive Director of NHIDCL and other officials. The Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom has also taken up the issues but the problem continues to remain grim and the commuters continue to face untold suffering due to overflowing of drain along the Highway nearby the Bage Tinali. He said.

There are several reasons which include choking of drains, culverts, and manmade disasters like encroachment of free flow of water and drainage system and earth cutting may be illegal or legal. He said.

Today we have inspected the area since early morning with all the stakeholders of the area including Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom, Chief Minister office OSD Nob Tsering, IMC Corporator Tarh Nachung, Gram Panchayat Chairperson of the area, field level officers of PWD Doimukh division, Doimukh Division PWD Executive Engineer Byabang Tugu, other officers and local leaders and tried to understand all the problems which are leading to the flood like situation all the time at Bage Tinali during the rainy season. Several advice and suggestions were welcome to mitigate the problem and get rid of flooding all the time which has been experienced from the past few years. 

Since the road is under the Doimukh PWD Division so it was necessary that the short term, medium term and long term planning and complete solution is needed and the officers have been directed to take up the issue immediately and necessary support will be received form CMO. He said.

Repeatedly showing the issue in social media and media and the problem being highlighted due to commuters faced lots of untold suffering the CMO has also now shown the concern and the OSD of the CMO has also joined the inspection. Since I am advocating the issue to be resolved since then and now I am hopeful that this time a solution would be coming and the problem would be resolved. There would be problems for few people who might have encroached upon the nallah and are requested to cooperate with the department or it would be better if they dismantle their structure to give way for the machine to work at the site to clear the debris. Kaso added.

Capital DC Talo Potom said that the problem is repeatedly creating lots of problems to the commuters and general public and a resolution is needed. It is  a happy moment that all the stakeholders have inspected today and a plan is being prepared to be worked out for a permanent solution to the problems of Bage Tinali. 

For immediate resolution, a JCB of capital administration is being deputed and it is being supported by the IMC Corporator of the, he directed the EE to depute an officer to monitor and supervise the work progress. He said.

The land encroachers of the nallah are hereby requested to dismantle their structure of their own or else eviction drive will be carried out. I have directed the officers to prepare the plan of the de-siltation and problem mitigation and then the eviction will be carried out. DC said.

The problem is not only being faced by the commuters but all the people living in the area including the Bage Tinali and Police station area. So necessary measures are needed and hope that this time a permanent solution is arrived. DC added.

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