IMC Commissioner ask vendors of Tuesday market at Gopur Tinali area either to obtain permission/license or ready for eviction

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, JAN 09 : The Itanagar municipal corporation (IMC) Commissioner Likha Tejji on Tuesday has carried out inspection with IMC Law officer, Revenue officers, Ward Members and others and interacted with the street vendors of Tuesday Market at Gopur Tinali and ask them not to carry forward their vendors anymore on the National Highway-415 and subway leading to economic and statistic colony and others. he ask them to obtain necessary trade license, permission and vending license form the competent authority or else they will be evicted. He inform them of various problems being b=faced by the commuters, people using the NH-415 to Airport, various offices and locality and toward NIT and Assam as well the huge rush of vendors without any permission use to occupy the pedestrian and almost all the areas of right of way (RoW) being encroached upon by the vendors is a matter of serious concern. Several compensates has been received in due course of time and the vendors overhear the problems of denizens so it has been decided that regulation is necessary and they need to be evicted if at all they do not abide by the rules and guidelines. The IMC Commissioner said.

Several complain of nuisance has been reported and several awareness has already been made to the vendors on several occasion by the capital administration, IMC and others but the problem remain unchanged and the large numbers of vendors form locality and also from Assam without any permission or license use to operated vendor which is illegal. Either they take necessary permission from IMC or competent authority or they refrain to continue to operated their street vendor or they will be evicted. He added.

Speaking to media, the IMC Commissioner Likha Tejji inform that most of them are unorganized and without any permission and license from any competent authority continue to sit in the area and create lost of inconveniences to the commuters and passerby locality as well. This is not an instance case but it happens on every Tuesday. It is not a matter of few but they are in large numbers and is a matter of great concern. After their dialy market a huge garbage’s are being thrown here and there and also on divider of the National highway-415. Its duty of IMC to clean the city but it is a responsibility as well they shouldn’t throw garbage’s and waste products on the city roads and due to which several verbal complaints has been made by large numbers of people and city dwellers. He said.

The commuters has made several complain of huge rush on the road and create chaos among the vehicle owners and drivers. Due to encroachment of RoW by the vendors the vehicle owners put their vehicle on the roadside and create traffic jam on every Tuesday is a big issue even sufficient traffic police and wardens are deployed. The only solution of the all these probes is to shift the market or the vendors shift themselves to other location or any other daily market in the city. This is not an instance case and as per information several notice of eviction and circulars has been given to them and even verbally and through PA system they has been informed. Finding no other option they will be evicted if they continue to operated their vendors on Tuesday next. Said IMC Commissioner.

The eviction notice is being published in the local daily and they have been informed properly today and it is upto them to obtain necessary permission/ license or face eviction. Added IMC Commissioner Likha Tejji.

The IMC Commissioner further said that several warring has already been given to all since January 2023. The APMF and Capital administration has also given trade license and they can run their business in confined area and in shops but not in the street or else they will be evicted as per law.  

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