Highway CE Kuru Sera inspected Papu- Yupia-Hoj-Potin  road and issue necessary direction to officers. 

The Highway Chief Engineer Kuru Sera on Saturday has carried out series of inspection and take stock of situation of Papu- Yupia-Hoj-Potin  road and also take stalk of the damages due ongoing incessant rains. The Chief engineer was accompanied with other officers and officials of highway department.

CE Kuru Sera inform that the due to unprecedented rainfall, clud burst on various occasion followed by flash flood and landslides has taken place in many unexpected locations. Due to landslides which take place at multiple location which has resulting in  disruption of traffic movement. 

He instructed the EE, Ziro Highway Division and representative the contractors in very clear terms that those location where there is ongoing works like approach road to Dikrong bridge, Yabi village at Km 38.000 etc which are ongoing works must be cleared by the contractors. However, those landslides/ damages on other locations will be taken care by the department and the cost involved in such clearance shall be projected to ministry of road transport highway (MoRTH) for fund allotment under flood damage. He categorically instructed to maintain the road so that traffic is not disrupted for long hours.

Further, the Chief Engineer, Highway and his team inspected the under construction bridge over river Kamala at Tamen under Package – 3 of Potin Panging road (NH-13) in Kamle district and issue necessary direction to the officials of the executing agency and officer and officials present there.

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