FMD of Mithun outbreak, 43 cases reported in Papum Pare, veterinary deptt issue alert, appeal to report to RRT

YUPIA, JUNE 10 : The Animal husbandry & Veterinary & Dairy department of Papum Pare district has issued an alert to the mithun and other cattle owners with regard to the outbreak of the Foot & Mouth disease among the animals in the district.

Speaking to this daily, AH, Vety Officer, Papum Pare, Yupia Dr. (Mrs) Monya Kato Jini informed that the Foot and mouth disease has been outbreak in the district and due to which necessary precautionary measures are needed at the earliest. She said,

The state government has also issued advisory on the outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in the state on June 7 and there is sporadic cases of FMD in mithun and cattle in Papum Pare district and hence all panchayat leaders , HGB, GB and general public and mithun owners and cattle owners are requested to remain alert and report to the Rapid Response Team (RRT) in respective jurisdiction constituted for the said purpose and help the people in fight against FMD. Early information will help for early treatment and also to provide veterinary care  to all affected animals; the cattle and mithun owners have to remain alert and remain updated. She said,

All the FMD outbreak areas are to be cordoned off and movement of the susceptible animals are to be restricted by the livestock owners so as to prevent further spread of FMD to other healthy animals. The DVO said.

The DVO advice and request the villagers and general public and PRI leaders and GBs to maintain strict vigilance on FMD outbreak cases in livestock and issue an advisory on dos and don’t’s of the consumption and  sell of meat of FMD infected animals in their respective village/jurisdiction as a preventive measures against further spread of FMD. The DVO said.

She urged upon the cattle and muthun owners to isolate the infected animals at a proper location/place so that veterinary service  can be provided  immediately without any hindrances.  The DVO said.

The Rapid Response Team RRT was constituted on May 25 2022 for surveillance/preparedness control measures  of treatment and tackle against outbreak of  FMD/ASF/SF, Bird flu etc. She said,

Several teams have been constituted which include Dr. Seba Yomdo, VL team leader for Balijan with phone no-7085955624 who will supervise and monitor the team leader of Balijan, Taraso, Sangdupota, Borum & Pachin. Dr. Marli Ette, VO, Ph-9436352496 who will supervise and monitor the team of Ganga, Chimpu, Gopur Tinali area and its adjoining areas. Dr. Mui Tama, VO with contact no-9402897165 will be  team leader and will supervise and monitor the team of Banderdewa and adjoining area. Dr. Taw Tagu, VO with contact no-8974131932 will be team leader and will supervise and monitor the Doimukh, Gumto and Nirjuli area. Dr. Nabam Arun, VO with contact no-9402474041 as team leader will supervise the team and monitor Kakoi circle.  Dr. Takio Taram, VO with contact no-9862979825 and team leader will be monitoring and supervising in the Kimin, Hawacamp and Bello area. Dr. Nido Tayo, VO with contact no-7005453397 will supervise and monitor the team of Itanagar.Dr. R T Hina Nabam, VO will be team, leader with contact no-8732098530 will supervise and monitor the area of Sagalee, Bobia, Leporiang, Pech, Kheel, Mengio and Nimte. The DVO said.

As of now 43 cases have been reported and a report is being sent to the state government for immediate action. Earlier 9 cases were reported and all were given treatment smoothly and conveniently and they are cured. She said,

The DVO Yupia appeals one and all to cooperate and support and report in case any such infection and disease are detected in any animals in their respective jurisdiction. They also can report to the veterinary hospital at Premnagar,  Naharlagun, Abo Tani colony, Itanagar. Ganga village and in all respective circle headquarters in case of emergency.

It is high time and we all have to remain alert to minimize the infection of the FMD in Papum Pare district. The DVO further said. 

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