First edition of GRK BRUTE concluded

Basar, March 11: The 1st edition of GRK BRUTE (Basar Running Ultra Trail Experience) conducted at Basar on the 5th of March 2022 concluded successfully with over 40 athletes coming across from the country to participate in the Ultra Marathon race which constituted 60K and 30K trail running for professional athletes and a 5K fun run. BRUTE, which was organized with the two primary objectives of developing the Tourism potential of Leparada and to create an atmosphere of fitness; of mind and body among the netizens has been a successful event.  

This is truly in line with the philosophy of GRK which advocates about ushering in holistic fitness of mind and body and urges the youth to take sporting culture to keep themselves away from harmful habits.

The trails at Basar have been classified by most runners as challenging.

Runners run through hills, jungles,  paddy fields, river sides and streams, crossing rivers and bridges and through villages. They were received with warm accolades by villagers in traditional  dress at different locations of the run. Students and kids  lined up to cheer the runners. In some villages, they were offered drinking water in  traditional  bamboo mugs and pipes. They were also offered local rice cake  at hydration points by villagers. Oranges were kept on the fields through which the runners passed. 

The starting and ending point of BRUTE was at the picturesque Lai Ho Eco Camp which is located at a distance of around 6 km from Basar town. The BRUTE was flagged off by Kardo Nyigyor, MLA Likabali. Later in the day, a 5 km fun run was conducted from Gori village Football ground to Lai Ho eco camp in which around 300 students, public and ITBP jawans participated. It was the showstopper as many kids as young as 6 years old also participated enthusiastically in the race.

The people of Basar were greatly influenced by many sexagenarian runners in the BRUTE. One such couple from Bangalore was the center of attraction.

The trail race finally ended at 4 pm. In the 30 km category Bipul Satnami from Assam came 1st and Gomnu Jilen from Basar came 2nd. In the 60 km category, Naba Deka from Assam came first and 

Mahesh Tiwari from Assam(60 plus age) came 2nd.

The winners and runners were awarded with cash prizes while all the participants got medals, churgen, a local artifact and certificate.

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