Anjaw police arrested six Burmese nationals, Case registered in Hawai police station

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, FEB 27 : Six Burmese national has been arrested by Anjaw police in Anjaw district on Tuesday of which details and information are yet to be received from the government and police sources.

As per information received from the source, it is stated that few Burmese national are been seen in the market area to buy essential items of need and the locals has identified them as Burmese national. It is also stated that they might be staying in the Indian territory for more than weeks and even months and by following the border patrolling route which are being carried by India army in the international border bordering Myanmar.

The Burmese national follow the said route and come to market area on Tuesday to buy essential items the local smell their presence in the market on Tuesday and even on previous. The sources said.

Meanwhile, Anjaw district superintendent of Police (SP) Riki Kamsi when contacted has confirmed the arrest of six Burmese national on Tuesday. The SP  said that they are under police custody and a case has been registered at Hawai police station and further investigation has been launched. 

The SP said that the six people has been arrested and they were arrested. Initial investigation reveals that they crossed into Indian territory while collecting mushroom the police has seized six KG of mushroom from their possession alongwith  cash Rs, 68.000/= and some utensils.  The exact camp of the arrested person is yet to known and it may be know in the investigation. Basically they may be form Putou town of Myanmar and close to Indian border and the area in Indian side is jungle. The Indian army has been contacted and the information  has been shared to SIB and soon joint interrogation will be done. He said.   

After joint interrogation it will be decided that whether to move to their reported camp or their sit of their stay in the Indian territory. As of now there is no information that other team of Burmese national are present in the Indian territory bordering Myanmar or having any weapon in their possession. He said.

There is an issue of language and we are arranging people who can clean the language issue and soon after the joint interrogation the further investigation and search operation may be launched. Said SP Kamsi. 

As of now no other equipments like camera, weapon and other mechanical and electronic device has not been found in their possession. The other detail and information can be known only after joint interrogation and further investigation. The Anjaw SP said. 

It is suspected that they might have crossed the international border in search of Paris polphilia. The location is not connected with road and one can reach after foot walk of more than two days in Kulung Valley of Hawai circle in Anjaw district in Indian territory. The SP added.

However the local sources inform over phone from Anjaw that the presence of Burmese national has been witness on earlier occasion also and their movement is been seen in the market area to buy essential items. 

Their camps are located in far flung area toward international border and is quite distance from the local inhabitant and the area is not accessible by road. The sources added. 

Meanwhile, the copy of FIR received with the daily said that ‘ seven numbers of foreign national of Burma are camping in Walong circle in nearby Dardi village area, chick village area, Kalin village, Khrowdi village area since more than fifteen days. They area illegally involved in extraction of rare medicine plants, herbs and mushrooms etc. They are also hunting down all kinds of wild animals and breaking the biodiversity of the area’. 

‘They have been camping in Kulung and Hoot valley and even manage to reach Kibitho and Walong and is a serious matter related to national security’ the FIR added. 

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