All temporary shed constructed on RoW obstructing traffic movement, created nuisance will be evicted

ITANAGAR, NOV 4 : All the sheds and temporary shed constructed by individuals and others on right of way (RoW) obstructing the free flow of the traffic movement will be evicted and dismantled. Warned Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom.

Potom said we have been received complaints from various corners that few people constructs sheds of which some of them are temporary meant for shops and business purpose obstructing free flow of traffic movement and pedestrian in city. It is difficult for the vehicle owners and pedestrians to walk in some parts of city and due to such sheds the parking issues get obstruction and also great unhygienic in open places on roadside. He said.

These structures create nuisance and information and intimation has already been given in media several times so it is not necessary by the people to construct such structure on RoW encroaching the right of way has been evicted today and evicted in future. Even permanent structure will be evicted as per law and the general public need to abide the law and we should be law abiding citizens. Said DC.

Few structure near Hanuman mandir has been evicted and soon a beautiful ambiance would be taken up by smart city project near clock tower to RK Mission area. The area near RK Mission will also be cleared and market area will be constructed at Ganga and at Naharlaugn where fire mishap has occurred recently. He added.

Few temporary structure were evicted near IG Park entrance of  D Sector on NH-415.

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