All norms of social distancing and other SoP have been violated at Banderdewa check gate


All norms of social distancing and other SoP have been violated at Banderdewa check gate

BANDERDEWA, APRIL 20 : All norms and SoP of Covid guidelines issued by state government and health department has been violated at entry Checkgate of Banderdewa in Papum Pare district of state capital Complex on the 1st day of RAT antigen testing facility installed on the direction of state government which is supported and supervised by capital administration.


Hundreds of visitors including labourers and returnees and others of which some of them without wearing facemask and no provision of hand sanitizer were found at the checkgate premises. However SP capital Jimmy Chiram has clarified that all procurement has been done and is being distributed among all police stations of the capital Complex.

He thanks Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso for donating Rs, 10 lakhs from MLADF and the capital police has procured several items which would be utilized by police personnel who will be deployed in fight against Covid pandemic in different parts of capital complex. Though there would no shortage of manpower as of now but during course of time there would be requirement of support from all corner to fight the Coronavirus.

“I have always advocated to obey SoP issued by the state government, central government and health department which are issued in the greater health services to fight against the Consequences and the pandemic. SP said.

“I have visited the Banderdewa checkgate today and a plan is being prepared for proper implementation of SoP and other guidelines which may reduce the huge rush and hope such a situation does not arise. SP said.

Today is the 1st day for the start of testing for RAT , though it is not new for the health workers and they have been doing it for several months but the people making a huge rush are not good and I have directed my staff to make the SoP later and in spirit. SP added.


 He further appealed to the denizens of the capital complex touudner the seriousness of Covid and we have to maintain the SoP as a safety measure.

Banderdewa ZPM Biri Tamin who was also seen requesting the returnees to maintain SoP has urged upon the district administration and state government not to issue inner line permit randomly without verification of urgency which may reduce the rush at checkgate and also minimized the infection from across the state.
We are constituting a committee who will coordinate the local administration. The committee members/volunteers who are locals will verify the locals resident who has any works outside the Checkgate to obtain a token being issued by local administration for a minimum period and back.

BJP leader and local resident Kipa Hipik while urging upon the administration check the issue of ILP and also verify the certificate of those who have tested outside the state and also those who have taken two doses of Covid vaccine.


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