AAPATSU carried out protest rally demanding permanent solution to PRC and ST issue

Itanagar, June 04: Hundreds of protestors, led by All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Students’ Union (AAPATSU), took out a peaceful protest rally, on Saturday, from  Akashdeep to IG Park, Itanagar, demanding permanent solution to the PRC and ST issue of Lekang, Namsai and resignation of deputy chief minister Chowna Mein allegedly for patronizing the non-APST members in Lekang assembly constituency. 

The protesters, holding placards and banners, also demanded the immediate cancelation of Non-APST elected as members in the Panchayati Raj, and an early solution to the Schedule Tribe (ST)/Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC)/Schedule Cast (SC) issue of six tribes of 48th Lekang assembly constituency of Namsai district and other parts of state. 

Speaking to reporters, AAPATSU president Langpu Apon said the non-APST members cannot enjoy the equal rights given to an indigenous Arunachalee. “We cannot tolerate non-APST members securing rights in the Panchayat Raj and other right which the indigenous ST people are enjoying,” he said. 

“Providing ST certificate to non-APST in order to participate in local Panchayat election might spread throughout the state, therefore, it is better to take early precautions to safeguard our indigenous rights,” he added

Apon urged other organizations and CBOs to support the union’s agitation.

We may further intensify our democratic movement if the state government does not heed to our genuine demand which is in the greater interest of indigenous people of the state, the AAPATSU further said.

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