2nd death on rail track within a week, today’s woman deceased still unidentified. 

ITANAGAR, MAY 23 : 2nd accident took place on a railway track in Doimukh circle  within a week, now the deceased is a woman still unidentified. Denizens to contemplate to minimize rail accidents and death. 

As per information sources, a woman aged around 50-55 years has been hit by a running train in Doimukh circle. The sources from Doimukh inform that the woman was hit by a running train which went to load/download fuel at Fuel Depot at Emchi in Doimukh circle on Monday at around 11.00-11.30 hrs morning. 

The source inform that the train loaded with fuel after downloading the fuel at Emchi Depot the engine of the said train went to Naharlagun for halt at Yard and on Monday when again it started its journey from depot the accident happened between Amba-Emchi near Tana Hari fish farm in Doimukh circle and died on spot.

When contacted the Doimukh police sources said that the deceased is a woman aged around 50-55 years and died due to an accident on rail track. 

She is a non-APST women wearing saree, The body is till unidentified and after conducting inquest and registration of case at Doimukh Police station vide Case No- 7/2022 u/s=174 CrPc the body has been kept at RK Mission morgue as per procedure and identification and further post mortem.

The Doimukh police has appealed to the denizens to help the Doimukh police in identifying the body for further legal procedure. 

As per information this may possibly be the fourth such accident within a span of one year and is a matter of great concern.  The state government, Papum Pare district administration and Papum Pare police need to raise serious concern about such repeated death on rail track and it is a warning for the local resident and the denizens of people living on both side of rail track from Gumto to Borum who need to remain alert all the time to avert such accident and death respectively.

it may be a suggestion to the authority and the like minded social and political organisation to raise the issue with the appropriate authority and also with railway authority to created boundary fencing all along the rail track from the Gumto to Naharlagun as the rail track passes through the busy Doimukh town of Papum Pare district. The rail authority can also establish warning system all along the rail track fixed point like the NEEPCO has done at selective place on the back of river pare, it is also suggested that the speed limit of the train is reduced from 100-50 and again to 50-30 KM and if required it may be taken to 20 KMPH to avert repeated rail accident and death. It is also suggested that the CCTV system may also be installed to check such accidents and other issues related to rail track and surveillance. 

Life is very precious and we need to work together and help together. All such safety measures can either minimize or reduce the death on rail tracks. 

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