19 stray animals evicted from streets in Itanagar

Itanagar, July 4: A Team lead by Dr. Goliath Piel  Municipal Senior Veterinary officer along with his veterinary staffs carried out stray animal Eviction drive  at Chimpu, chandra nagar, f & g sector, division -IV, Senki view, mowb-II, Panch ali, museum road, Gopur tinali, nitivihar, panchali and museum area of Itanagar on Tuesday.

During the drive, a total of 19 nos of animals were evicted. Dr Piel informed that it is very difficult to carry out the drive owing to traffic congestion in the Capital. However, the drive will continue upto Banderdewa in the days to come and has requested the denizens of Capital to cooperate and not to let loose their animals in public places.

The drive was carried out as per the direction of the Municipal Commissioner.

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